LED ASTRAY is a six-pieced Deathmetal band hailing from Dresden, East Saxony. They’re playing a mix of extreme metal, grindcore and hardcore. They have no fear to show their “Anti-Nazi-Attitude” and their contact to the underground metal scene. The firts musical impressions were made in 2006. Already some years before that, the members made experiments in other bands, but now they found a typical sound, which is supported by each member of Led Astray.

2008 the band self-recorded their first album: “One Million Bullets”. After some changes on Bass, Drums, and Voice and Guitar the band found a perfect constellation, which is upholded until now. Anyhow, highlights in the history of Led Astray were the support shows from All Shall Perish (US), Six Feet Under (US), Maroon (GER), Hatesphere (DEN), I Declare War (US), Within The Ruins (US), Thy art is Murder (AUS), Aversions Crown (AUS), Misery Index (US). 2012 Led Astray was signed to the bavarian metal label: “Massacre Records”.

The label’s support was simply great and in the same year the second album: “Decades Of Addiction” was released. “. In summer 2015 the Modern Death-Metal Band decided to record their EP “Internal Chaos” at Hertz Recordings, based in Bialystok. Hertz Recordings is well-known for recording and mastering for few of the most important Metal-Bands overall, like Behemoth, Vader, Hate, Decapitated. The new EP shuffles hardcore and slam-riffs of former Led Astray LP´s with a new and technical Death-Metal-Sound. Beside this, the six guys keep their own spirit of Led Astray through every record. But one thing may not be forgotten: Led Astray is an absolute live band and have performed hundreds of shows in Germany and other nearby countries. You can crab your own copy via CD or digital in stores starting in January 2016. At the moment the band works on new material for another album.

Stay tuned for news!

Love Music, Hate Facism!

Bands we played with
All Shall Perish, All for nothing, AOWNMJ, All i chase the Sun, Abhorrence, After Rising Sun, Baal, Best before End, Butcher, Blame Me, Bury my Sins, Code of Honour, Courth Death, Days of Bloodshed, Daymares, Delusion of Lunacy, Deathlike Existence, Do or Die, Dying Humanity, Entry of a Diary, Exidium, Feet First, For all this bloodshed, Fleshless, Final Prayer, Hatesphere, Harmony Dies, Hellgreen, Hunting Area Brain County, Infected, Lost Illusion, Lysis, Mortal Agony, Nullpunkt, Once we killed, Pangäa, Placenta, Profanation, Relief in Silence, Reaper of Fate, Seemyside, Sense never Came, Scavenge, SHC, Tomorrow to Ashes, Torture the Mass, Torment of Prometheus, Undead Resurection